Discover the Stage:
Introduction to Musical Theatre

Ages 6-8

Unleash Your Child's
Inner Performer

You desperately need a few minutes to yourself, so you turn on Frozen for the thousandth time.


30-mins in you see your child dressed in her Elsa costume singing “Let it Go” at the top of her lungs!  

Through your exhaustion, you cannot help but smile as your child lights up the room hitting every high note and acting out every move


You think, “wow, she was born to be on stage, but where do I begin?”


Introducing…Discover the Stage: Introduction to Musical Theatre

Behind the Curtain copy 2.png

In our Discover the Stage group class, your child will step into the magical world of musical theatre. 


Through playing fun music and acting games, singing show-stopping songs, and learning countless music, acting and theatre terms, your child will unleash their inner performer; all while building lifelong friendships they will cherish forever.

In Discover the Stage,
your child will:

  • Learn a variety of music, acting, and theatre terms to improve communication skills

  • Learn songs that can be used to give confident auditions

  • Play acting games to grow in confidence, promote trust with their peers, develop creative thinking skills, and exercise their imagination

  • Play music games to develop their singing voice and aural skills

  • Learn the foundations of reading music giving them the tools to learn music fast and with ease

When enrolled, your child will receive:

  • 20 Unforgettable Classes taught by the Incredible, Ms. Kate

  • Their very own Discover the Stage T-Shirt, Binder, and Pencil

  • Warm-Up and Practice Tracks

  • Group performance in the Cristina Music Studio Recital

All this value for just $85 per month!

Classes Run: January 9th to June 19th

(excluding holidays & breaks)

Mondays 4:00-4:50 PM

at the Conklin Barn

(2 High Street, Huntington)

“Watching my daughter become entirely confident in front of an audience, in front of her class, and in a social group is a thrill."

-Keith Friedlander