NYSSMA Boot Camp:
Intensive for Singers

Levels 1-6 and All-State

The Stress Free Way to Getting an Outstanding NYSSMA Score

Imagine, NYSSMA season rolls around, and for the first time instead of feeling anxious or stressed, your child is confident and prepared!


There is no need to cram, schedule extra lessons, and spend countless hours (that they don’t have) practicing


Because of their experience in our NYSSMA Boot Camp, they now arrive at the festival confident, relaxed, and ready to give a stellar performance!

NYSSMA Boot Camp.png

The secret to receiving an outstanding NYSSMA score without stress is impeccable, advanced preparation.


In our NYSSMA Boot Camp intensive, your child will jumpstart their preparation with eight hours of focused instruction months before they have to perform their solo. In just four days, they will choose and thoroughly learn their solo, uplevel their sight reading skills, and practice performing their solo, all while having a blast!

In our NYSSMA Boot Camp Intensive, your child will:

  •  Choose and thoroughly learn the perfect NYSSMA song to receive an outstanding score without stress

  • Play a variety of ear training and note reading games to uplevel their sight reading skills

  • Learn tips to ace the sight reading component

  • Learn HOW to practice more efficiently to save precious time and improve results

  • Learn tricks to reduce performance anxiety

  • Perform their solo and receive high-level, constructive feedback from not one, but TWO seasoned NYSSMA voice teachers

  • Uplevel their singing and performance skills by watching their peers perform 

When enrolled, your child will receive:

  • Eight Hours of Exceptional Instruction

  • Warm-Up, Ear Training, Practice, and Performance Tracks

  • Sight Reading Practice Packet

All this value for just $250 ($225 for Current CMS Members)

Classes Run: Tuesday, 12/20 to Friday, 12/23

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Levels 1-4

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Levels 5, 6 & All-State

"I am amazed at how much he has learned already.  He looks forward to every lesson, and he always leaves feeling more confident."

-Andrea Lamberg