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Imagine a world filled with people who confidently and securely navigate life's many challenges with ease.  Where they know they always have a safe space they can call home with friendly faces that always have their back.  

Our Story

Transforming Confidence One Song at a Time

Growing up, I was a shy, timid kid, but the minute I got on stage all that went away. It was my safe place where I could be someone else even if it was just for a song or a scene. It was exhilarating — like nothing I'd experienced before. I would go from show to show chasing that feeling until I found myself on Broadway in the original production of Les Misérables
As I got older, I started getting that same feeling from teaching others. I would see countless students with incredible talent and potential, but they were too nervous to see this and believe in themselves. Through our work together, I began to see a transformation. 
They started believing in themselves.  Seeing my students beaming with pride as they mastered a new technique, landed the lead role in their school production, got their acceptance letter from their top college — I would feel that same overwhelming joy and excitement
It is our mission to not only bolster the confidence of every student that walks through our doors but to also nurture individual expression and inspire a lifelong passion for music.  While most of our students do not intend to make music their career, the confidence they gain through their musical accomplishments will serve them for the rest of their life. 

— Cristina
Cristina as Young Cosette in the original
Broadway Production of Les Misérables 1998
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